All about Hash Browns

The hash browns are very tasty pancakes traditionally made of potato, eggs and onion optionally. The ingredients are very simple and the cooking process is fast but the result is so delicious that you just cannot resist temptation. Though, you’d better do because it is rather fatty and being fried cannot be regarded as a completely healthy food. But anyway the potato has its own place on the breakfast or dinner table because it is nutritious and full of vitamin C. So, why should not it be hash browns?

Classic recipe

This food is known in many countries all over the world under the different names. Thus it can be regarded as a dish of various national cuisines. Still in USA it is called hash browns. In Britain they are bubble and squeak. In France you can find verb hacher. Here the potatoes are chopped up and browned. The recipes differ slightly as a result you can get crunchy fried potato chunks or crunchy latkes or some other form of potato pancakes.

If you want to cook hash browns at home, for the first time you’d better follow the traditional recipe. Peel and grate four potatoes coarsely, add the finely chopped onion and make the excess juice to squeeze using a clean tea towel for example. Then take a bowel, put the mass you have into it and beat one egg. Stir all the ingredients carefully until you get the smooth mass. Season it with salt and ground black pepper if you want. This dough should be put on a preheated skillet with some oil (use a spoon to make small pancakes) and fry them on each side over the medium heat for a couple of minutes. You will get the crispy browned stuff.

Make it more interesting with Gordon Ramsay

Of course you know Gordon Ramsay who is a British chef and TV personality who can boast of Michelin stars which the restaurants he owned or operated were awarded. He is a professional and can afford various experiments which we are gladly followed at our home kitchens. He offers his own dish known as eggs baked in hash browns. Sounds great, does not it?

So, you should prepare hash browns using 3 potatoes and an onion. In this case do not make small pancakes but cover the whole bottom of the pan with oil and the shredded vegies. When one side gets brown, you should turn it up and add eggs with paprika and cheddar cheese. Bake this dish for about a quarter of hour and remove the cooked dish from the heat when the eggs are still wet. Serve it warm and you will appreciate this yummy taste.

As you see, it is rather easy to feel free with this potato dough and make anything you want with it. Combine various products; serve with bacon or fresh herbs. You can eat it for breakfast or dinner.

How to achieve the best result – hints?

In order to get soft inside and crispy outside hash browns you should find high quality potatoes and dehydrate the shredded mass. Thus, you will get the pancakes of proper size and thickness. Use a grate but it should be not very fine. You can freeze the partly fried hash browns and cook them fully before serving.

When you fry the pancakes, use flavorless fat like olive oil, for example. Of course you can prefer slater but it too rich that is why this dish hardly will do for early breakfast. You can fry bacon just before the hash cakes and get the smoky lovely taste. The only strict requirement is a very hot skillet. The frying pan should be well preheated before you put the potato mixture into it but the fat or oil should not smoke. You’d rather prefer the heavy-based frying pan, which is heated evenly and able to accumulate the high temperature providing the proper cooking. And of course, if you want to vary the taste or create the bright look, use additions like cayenne pepper, parsley or cheese.

So, give the hash browns a try and enjoy the result!

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