Enjoy Dungeness Delights this Winter

Tis the season! We’re not necessarily talking about the holiday season – we’re talking about Dungeness Crab season! It has officially arrived, and you might want to get started now because the meatiest, freshest ones are typically caught very early on!

Opening Day was just last week and fisherman all along the West Coast headed out on to the cool waters for the much-anticipated commercial crab season. Unfortunately, the past couple of years weren’t so great and there were many disappointments, but there’s high hopes for this year.

On-Time Start for 2018 Dungeness Crab Season

The past several years have not been as fruitful. That’s according to a recent article by The Mercury News. This was mainly due to toxic levels of acid found in the crabs by fishery officials, causing multiple delays to the start of crab season in recent years.

Dungeness Crab is extremely popular on the West Coast, as mentioned, throughout local fisheries and more. Some families even serve it as a main Christmas dish – yum! The well-known juicy, hearty seafood feast doesn’t take a long time to cook and serve to your loved ones either. The cherry on top as they say!

The crab’s increasing fame throughout San Francisco has skyrocketed and it’s expected to be a busy season this year. From local restaurants to the Fisherman’s Wharf, there’s no shortage in desire in the City by the Bay.Fisherman’s Wharf is a frequently-visited tourist spot with more than 100 years of colorful boats reeling in the traditional shellfish.

The dining in one of the most unique cities on the West Coast is a specialty. These crabs especially love cooler waters hence the abundance in past years in the Pacific Ocean. The Dungeness Crab Season typically starts in November in this area.

Dungeness Crab’s Growing Popularity Spreads East

Despite previous beliefs that the crab’s abundance remains solely on the West Coast, Dungeness is no doubt making its way farther East than ever reported on before. That was evidenced and strong noted in the Chicago Tribune as the big city continues seeing a rise in the area! It appears more and more surrounding restaurants are getting a taste of the Dungeness Crab’s deliciousness. According to the same publication, what was once a “strictly regional indulgence” is now becoming (slowly, but surely) a nationwide craving.

Although it is apparent that the majority will continue to be brought in from the Bay Area, the Dungeness Crab experience will not be ignored as it shares its fresh, delightful array nationwide.

If you already love Dungeness Crab’s tasty meat or if you’re looking to try it and serve a dish including it, Garlic crab is a very popular Chinese dish perfect for the upcoming holiday season! It’s no secret that many people dive into Chinese food on Christmas. Asian food is a go-to for families in the United States. This includes the Dungeness Crab options. There is a variety of ways to prepare the dish by using different spices and other flavors such as lemon and butter.

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