Have An Income Tax Preparation Party

Although the traditional “tax time” may be more than 4 months off, preparing early for that traditionally stressful time can help ease things significantly.  Preparing one’s taxes is frequently exacerbated by the process coming so shortly after the holidays and during a period when people feel a sense of general malaise.  Thus, the more you can do to prepare for this task the better.  This can be achieved by compiling the necessary information and ensuring that it will be available and accessible when desired.  You can also get things needed to help perform the actual work.  For example, acquisition of necessary tax preparation software from H&R Block can be done as soon as possible; this can give you plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the software and allow you to identify anything that requires more information, direction or advice.  You can also determine whether you wish to do the tax preparation yourself and take advantage of a Groupon coupon to get H&R Block’s at home online tax preparation software products at a discount of 30% off the price.

Ordering these products early means you have more time to learn them and to identify all the information and documentation you need for when you begin the process.  As the IRS frequently advises us, the sooner taxes are sent in the sooner you can receive your return, so it is to your benefit to have the materials ready and available and the software on hand and available when it comes time to begin the actual preparation process.

You can also make the process more tolerable by having what some call a “tax party.”  This is an event where you can serve snacks, hors d’oeuvres, dim sung, or appetizers which others who also are doing tax-related tasks can enjoy while discussing matters and sharing advice.  (It also occasionally turns into a recipe-sharing session for some attendees!)  Such an event makes the process more enjoyable and entertaining while also giving folks a chance to inform one another of things needed to help take care of the tax preparation process.  Help from H&R Block, Groupon promo codes and coupons, and the support of peers can go a long way towards making the entire effort much easier for everyone.

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