How to Improve Your Frozen Pizza

It is time to say goodbye to the common opinion that frozen pizza cannot be as good as delivery or takeout pizza.  There are certain tips that can really transform a humble looking pizza into a great dinner or even breakfast…there is no specific time to satisfy your appetite for pizza!

We all love pizza, right? Well, most of us do and if there are people who don’t love pizza then we are afraid to tell them that they just haven’t tasted a mouth-watering pizza yet.

Frozen pizza is becoming a hit product again because of factors such as low pricing, good taste and of course, utmost convenience. However, there is always a slight feeling that frozen pizza is just not as good as the one that comes straight out of the oven to your table or doorstep. So, here are few effective and totally applicable tips that can improve your frozen pizza. Without a further ado, let’s get started:

Our Endless Love for Cheese and an Extra Layer of it

Your frozen pizza will come with an already present layer of cheese, but you can suppose that there is no cheese at all. This way, you’ll be able to add more cheese to your frozen pizza. The best option is to not go with mozzarella cheese (your pizza already has it); instead, it is best to add dollops of fresh ricotta or even goat cheese. You can also go with the option of using hard cheese such as asiago, pecorino or Parmesan cheese.

Add Some Meat on the Pizza

Even though many frozen pizzas already come with meat toppings, you can put some fresher meat on it. You can actually customize your pizza in a way that you like, it is a big plus point. Whereas, you can also add small cubes of ham, Italian sauce, crumbled thick-cut bacon, slices of spicy pepperoni to the pizza.

Add Fresh Toppings

When it comes to adding fresh toppings on a frozen pizza, there are seemingly endless options for you. It’s probably because just about every topping fits impeccably with pizza. You can add chunks of capers, chorizo, and tomatoes or a pinch of fresh herbs. And then there are traditional toppings as well (olives, mushrooms etc.)

Needless to say, you can add almost anything that is edible (but do not include chocolate).

Use garlic Butter to Brush the Crust

You need to brush melted butter with Italian seasoning and garlic powder or garlic-infused oil on the crust just a few minutes before it is completely cooked. As a result, you’ll have a crust with a deliciously crispy golden brown color (a beautiful sight it is). You can also use olive oil to coat the crust.

Cook Your Frozen Pizza Directly on the Oven Rack

If you like a crisper crust then the best option for you is to cook the frozen pizza directly on the oven rack. Therefore, make sure that you do not use a pizza stone or a baking sheet. Another tip for you is to poke a few holes in the crust before cooking it. Doing so will ensure that steam escapes the pizza and a soggy crust is prevented.

Pre-Heat the Oven before Cooking

By simply pre-heating your oven before placing your frozen pizza inside it can make the crust crispier. In the end, you can also leave the frozen pizza under the broiler for about 20-25 seconds. It can also help with achieving a crispier crust.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Adding Salt

There are many people who ruin the taste of frozen pizza by adding salt. If you feel that there is not much salt in the pizza (which is highly unlikely as frozen pizza comes with plenty of sodium already present in it), the best option for you is to use some Parmigiano-Reggiano on top of the pizza.

The Bottom Line

Frozen pizza tastes good, but you can definitely enhance its flavor according to your preferences and taste buds. When it comes to frozen pizza, you have so many options to customize it according to your likes and dislikes. All in all, there is no denying that frozen pizza can also taste as good as a dine-in, takeout or delivery pizza.

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