How to Plan a Cocktail Party at Home

If you are looking for the best cocktails in Atlanta, the options will be endless. There are many rooftop and cocktail bars, among other places that are known for their inventive drinks. You can recreate them even at the comfort of your home when planning a cocktail party with family and friends. That being said, if you wish to put up a cocktail party, keep on reading and we’ll share some of the essentials.

Plan the Drinks

It is a cocktail party, which means that drinks will be the star of the night. Take inspiration from your favorite cocktail lounge, such as the Regent Cocktail Club. Look at their menu and try to recreate it at home. Shop for premium liquors and fresh ingredients for the drinks to end up being reflective of the highest quality. Do not skimp on the alcohol. Be on the safe side and prepare drinks that most people are used to. Highballs are great because there are only three basic things you will need – liquor, soda, and ice.

Plan the Food

The food is equally important as the drinks. For the party to be truly memorable, you need to have a carefully-crafted list of foods to prepare. It does not have to be grand. For a classic cocktail nibble, be sure to prepare canapes. The latter is passed around in trays for quick bites. More often than not, it is a bread or cracker with mayo or butter, topped with egg, ham, and olives, among others. Bacon-wrapped potato, cheese sticks, and pickled grapes will also be good to have on your cocktail party.

Prepare the Venue

Setting up the environment is another crucial step when it comes to planning a cocktail party. To decorate for a cocktail party, the first thing you need to do is to think of the occasion to find a suitable design. An adorable banner will also be a great focal point. Remove the furniture and leave as much open space as possible, making it easy for your guests to move around. Set up a cocktail station in an area that can be easily accessed. Dimming the lights will also be a good way to set the mood. Do not forget the music!

Pick a Dress Code

Once you start sending out invites for the cocktail party that you are organizing, you should have already picked a theme. Let your guests know about the dress code. It can be frustrating for guests to arrive under-dressed, which is why it pays to inform them ahead of time. This will give them the time to prepare look presentable for the party. To be considerate of your guests, pick a theme that will be easy for anyone to follow. It should not force them to buy new clothes just to fit in with the theme.

Preparing a cocktail party at home can be an overwhelming task. To make things easier, keep in mind the things mentioned above and for sure, your guests will be impressed.

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