Rich, Flavourful Bacon Carbonara – The Best Comfort Food

A staple of Italian culture, a carbonara is as classic as the meat pie in Australia or the quesadilla in Mexico. This rich meal uses Italian favourites, egg, hard cheese and guanciale to create a filling food best served with guests. We’ve all had a delicious carbonara at our local Italian restaurant, but acing the recipe at home is the real challenge.

The classic Italian carbonara has seen a number of variations over time, but cooking a delicious carbonara on your own is all about adding your personal touch. But, before we get into creating our own delicious, creamy pasta dish, let’s take a look at the background behind our favourite comfort food.

Carbonara’s background – Pork cheek, egg and cheese

Carbonara originated from Rome, created in the 20th century and following a slightly different recipe to the one most of us would be familiar with. The classic Italian pasta is traditionally made with egg, guanciale (pork cheek), pepper and hard cheese. Outside of Italian restaurants, carbonara is more commonly made with milk or cream, and pork cheek is replaced with bacon.  While spaghetti is the usual choice of pasta, many recipes today call for a fettucine, rigatoni or linguine.

While the origins of all great meals are obscured by time, many people believe the meal was created as a hearty dish for the hardworking Italian charcoal workers, as carbonaro is the Italian word for charcoal burner. In today’s culinary landscape carbonara is enjoyed the world over, and whether you choose the classic recipe or the newer alternative, we can all agree this pasta is a heart-warming crowd pleaser.

Leave as mushroom as possible for this meal

The great thing about cooking this family favourite is it’s quick to make and only requires a couple dishes to cook. So, whether you’re bringing a dish to a family dinner or treating your loved one, carbonara will be served in no time. Opt for the classic recipe loved by the Romans or choose the creamy, bacon filled recipe that’s so popular at home. Make sure to cook your pasta al dente and stir in your hard cheese last to ensure you’re making the most of all those rich flavours.

If you’re ready to try out cooking a carbonara by yourself, try out the bacon and mushroom carbonara recipe from HelloFresh. With the step by step guide, you’ll be enjoying your own homemade cuisine in no time!

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