Should you really spend on organic foods? Find more here!

We all have spotted organic foods in local stores and grocery malls, but should you really spend on these ‘expensive’ foods? Before we talk of that, it is important to understand the concept of organic produce. Here’s all you need to know.

What’s organic?

Current farming methods have been criticized by scientists and doctors alike, mainly for the use of synthetic fertilizers, GMOs or genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, synthetic hormones and pesticides. Organic foods don’t have any of these things. Basically, when you see meats and veggies termed/labeled as ‘organic’, it simply means that these don’t contain growth hormones, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or antibiotics.

Why switch to organic living?

Well, organic was the way of life and farming even a few centuries back. It is natural, doesn’t damage the soil, water, or the environment in any way. Organic farming has many benefits for everyone involved in the industry, and by avoiding all those harmful pesticides and hormones mentioned, you are keeping many diseases and free radicals at bay. Unlike industrial farming, organic produce is non-genetically modified. For the uninitiated, GMO refers to animals and plants that have been created artificially in labs by matching DNAs of varied species. Basically, such kind of produce cannot be found naturally anywhere. In more simpler words, this is a kind of cross-breeding. Organic foods are rich in nutrition and are produced with care.

What to eat organic?

To be fair, you should eat everything organic, to the extent possible. However, organic foods can be expensive, which is why making the right choices is important. In case of fruits and veggies, the ones you should buy organic include spinach, strawberries, apples, peaches, potatoes, peppers, all leafy veggies, and celery. Also, try and shop for organic meats when you can. Avoid the precut meats, which tend to cost more. Eggs and beans must be organic too. We have named these fruits and veggies in particular because these tend to contain more pesticides than others. There are stores like ExoFruits, where you can find most of these at great prices. If you have the budget, try and include organic nuts in the diet plan too.

Cook your meals and try to grab all your groceries at once to get the best rebates. Even fruits and veggies can be shopped together for the entire week, which can help in saving huge on every bill. Shop now and switch to a good life and an even better diet!

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