Smoking is healthy!

Beech wood sawdust is great for smoking ovens and might make you addicted to cooking outdoors.

Little is as charming as the smell of a newly catched mackerel or a good home-made sausage slowly cooking in the smoking oven. Smoking your own food, whether it is fish, meat or poultry, sets the scene for social gatherings and satisfies the senses of even the most critical of gourmets.

Gourmets often debate which type of wood flour and sawdust is the superior one, and beech is always in the top of the debate, as it can be used for practically all types of food. Some claim that cherry tree is better for poultry, but to know for sure you will have to experiment.

Denmark’s leading producer of wood flour offers a large variety of beech sawdust products. Saw dust is a by-product or seen as a waste product of woodworking operations. The saw dust is produced using the most environmentally friendly production methods, and the saw dust has been naturally dried and heat-treated using the latest technologies in the area.​

Beech wood sawdust is very suited for many different areas for use, including as bottom litter for your guinea pig or in the stables. Its use for smoking food is very trendy and you will not get far with your smoking oven without it, it is the crucial component which adds the natural flavouring to your food experience.

Smoke it!

When you use beech wood or any type of wood sawdust for your smoking oven, you of course have to make sure that the sawdust is clean and guaranteed not to contain any chemical by-products or salmonella. Given that the sawdust is clean it can be used for smoking almost any type of food, including products such as fish, meat including sausages, poultry and more.

​The cleanliness of the beech wood sawdust is something that The Danish provider guarantees. Danish laws and regulations are quite strict and so there is a continuous quality control by the authorities to ensure the highest standards for both the raw materials and throughout the production of it.

​In addition the Danish provider of beech wood sawdust will guarantee the aroma to be 100% pure beech wood, there will be no risk of damaging smoked goods.

Have you ever heard of anyone who tried out smoking their food and were disappointed? Try it, if you are up for an outdoor gourmet experience.

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