The Hottest Trend in Catering: Gourmet Finger Foods for a Cost-Effective Price

When you think of finger foods, you might imagine greasy hot chips, processed pieces of chicken, and other unadorned morsels that aren’t all that special or alluring but it’s important to understand what finger foods used to be like and how they should be in today’s day and age.

The term canapé actually refers to an antiquated French word that basically means sofa or couch but this colloquialism evolved over the years to take on the meaning of a garnish or topping that rests atop a piece of bread, puffy pastry, or toasted cracker, very similar to how a person lies atop of a lounger.

During the 1700s, canapés became exceptionally popular amongst French nobles, aristocrats, and royals because they represented a convenient way to indulge in world-class, decadent dishes that could quite literally be consumed in a single bite. In other words, canapés began to embody the true meaning of the perfect party food as you didn’t have to sit down with silverware and china just to enjoy gourmet cuisine.

The prospective variety was a big draw as well. Socialites and party-goers could sample multiple canapés without over-engorging on the same selections as other attendees, which is precisely why finger food catering is making a huge comeback in today’s landscape.

Your Community Caterers Can Provide a Full Breadth of Options

Irrespective of whether you’re holding a get-together at your place of work, cocktail party right at home, outdoor BBQ in a local park, or even a lavish wedding at a ritzy venue, the most venerated finger food specialists can put forth an individualised selection of options to complement any type of festivity:

  • Miniature cheeseburgers and chicken burgers, which can be customised to suit the palate penchants of your guests
  • Scrumptious crispy prawn twisters that are wrapped in an intricate filo pastry and then fried in fresh organic oil
  • Opulent mushroom cups filled with a delightful pesto and feta amalgamation and served on an Asian-style spoon
  • Pork and veal sausage rolls carefully surrounded by a delicious puff pastry and presented with a tomato-basil chutney
  • Cold-serve selections including antipasto skewers, smoked salmon roulade, roast beef en croute, chicken salad spoons, and other delightful options
  • Freshly crafted desserts to tie it all together, ranging from mini sweet tarts and custard-filled profiteroles to chocolate mousse shots and even passionfruit yoyos

As you can see, these aren’t your everyday, frozen finger foods. The menu alternatives are as diverse and varied as they are sumptuous and lip-smacking.

Is Finger Food Catering More Cost-Effective Than Standard Catering?

Due to the fact that canapé catering is based on abundant bite-size servings, the cuisine experts can deliver per-person price points that are just a small fraction of what it would cost to facilitate a traditional multi-course, sit-down affair.

For instance, the average per-guest cost of standard catering for a wedding is generally between $45 and $55 while gourmet canapé catering can be attained for as little as $12 per person; the key is that the presentation, aura, and quality of the food will not subside at all.

A high-end catering solution for a reasonable price is finally within reach so don’t turn a blind eye to finger foods for your next event.