Tips to Make a Flavorful Dish Using Natural Ingredients

There are many things that could make a perfect dish, but one of the most important is flavor. This is what separates the good from the bad. A distinct flavor can make a dish stand out. Nonetheless, the flavor should be achieved without using ingredients that could harm your health. That being said, keep on reading and we will share some secrets on how it is possible to come up with a dish that is oozing with flavors with the use of natural ingredients.


This is perhaps one of the most popular natural flavorings that you can add in your food. The good thing about garlic is that it is versatile. No wonder, it is one that is always present in the dishes you can find in Italian restaurants in Manhattan. The Italians love garlic because it instantly ups the flavor of almost any dish. This pungent bulb is also healthy as it contains allicin, a compound that is known for relaxing the blood vessels.


In my favorite Italian restaurant in New York, in Scarpetta, their spaghetti is exceptional! It only has three ingredients. Aside from the pasta and tomatoes, it has basil. The latter is the one that is responsible for most of the flavors and balances the taste of the tomatoes. Basil has a peppery flavor and is also an aromatic herb, making it another excellent way to naturally make the food more flavorful. However, take note that you have to add basil only at the end of cooking. Otherwise, it will end up being too bitter.


A favorite amongst healthy eaters, avocado can be used in more ways than one, not just for toast. More than the flavor, it is also known for adding texture to the food. You can use it in salads and deviled eggs, among others. The flavor is never overpowering. Avocado is good because it has Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as a bunch of vitamins and minerals that will be good for the body.


Not to be confused with onions, using shallots is another secret when it comes to making your food naturally flavorful. It is a smaller version of an onion, but this does not mean that the flavor is compromised. They are sweeter and milder compared to onions, which will make it a great choice if you want only a subtle flavor on the dish.


Another kitchen staple, the tart juice of lemons will give an instant boost to many dishes. It is best to add it to the dish at the end of the cooking time, which will be effective in maximizing and retaining the flavor. It is ideal for poultry or fish. It is a great accompaniment to many sauces, especially in terms of balancing a more pronounced flavor.

The next time you cook, pay attention to the ingredients that have been mentioned above and it will be easier to come up with a dish that is naturally flavorful!

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